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Pharos Marine Automatic Power's microprocessor‐based unit packs a wide array of capabilities into one compact, lightweight and highly reliable package. Occupying the space of a typical lampchanger, this unit can be placed in virtually every optic of 140mm diameter or larger. It frees up the space in the base of most lanterns (normally occupied by a typical flasher) for housing power supplies, batteries, time dependent operation boards, battery chargers, monitoring or control electronics, radios, etc.

 Wide array of advanced capabilities:
 Field selection of a combination of flash rhythms, voltage regulation points, and/or communications addresses.
 Pulse‐width modulated voltage regulation system.
 Photocell Daylight Control
 Synchronization Terminal and Lampout Flag and Secondary Optic Control Terminal
 Solar Charge Regulation and Blocking Diode
 Electrical and Optical Monitoring of Lamp
 Manual Switch or Radio Actuated Field Self‐Test Routine
 Several environmental protection enhancements:
 Gold contacts coated with corrosion inhibitor
 Double painted circuit boards
 Auxiliary motor cover
 Shafts coated with high temperature lithium grease
 Unit operates normally after immersion in a 4‐day high‐temperature salt fog test
 256 Flash Characters, Field Selectable
 Pulse Width Modulation
 Automatic Day/Night Control
 Optional RS‐232/RS‐485 Communications
 Lampchanging: 4‐place or 6‐place unit with microprocessor‐controlled stepper motor, accurate to fractions of millimeters, provides virtually shock‐ free lamp replacement; if all lamps have failed, automatic lamp recheck and autorotation limit after each photocell transition
 Low Voltage Disconnect (Optional): Unit may be programmed with a low voltage disconnect to prevent complete discharge of the battery
 Serviceability: Large, screw‐type, nickel‐alloy plated, brass terminals for solar panel, battery, photocell, synchronization, and control/ alarm/ monitor output